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My arms ache as I raise the heavy metal pickaxe above my head again and again, the earth shattering clash when the tip meets rock booms into my ears like thunder. I hurry to speed my pace as down the ill lit tunnel I spot one of the others getting whipped for going too slow. Gasps of exhaustion almost drown out the whimpers and groans of agony the slaves emit when whipped. Nobody screams anymore unless their new, they whip you harder and for longer if you do, they call it 'breaking you in'. The heavy footsteps of the overseer and his guards stops behind me and I curse myself for slowing down and giving in to some of the exhaustion. The first crack sounds as the unclean, heavy leather whip slashes open my back leaving large welts rising all the way from my shoulder blades to my tailbone. I struggle to make no sound through the five other whippings and when they leave i slowly pick up my pickaxe, back roaring with agony, to do another ten minutes of labour before ebbing my exhaustion with a couple hours sleep before dawn. I hope there will be enough healing cream and wrappings for my back left in my stash. Happy Birthday to me.

I groan in agony as one of the other slaves washes, puts healing cream on and bandages my bloody, mutilated back. Almost passing out from the pain and exhaustion I can barely lift my head. I feel my eyelids grow heavy as I drift off to sleep, half-wishing that i just wouldn't wake up tomorrow morning.

I awake with a start as a guard kicks me hard in the ribs. I get up without a sound, much to his displeasure, and stand as they clamp the cold, iron chains around my bony ankles. They throw a mouldy chunk of bread at my feat that's about the size of my fist. I pick it up, eating as I shuffle in the line back into the deep caves. As we reach the inner depths where the shadows linger just beyond the light waiting for you to fall into their clutches, I realise, finally and definitely that I will never leave this place, so i pick up my pickaxe and decide to take as many of these cruel, worthless overseers with me. I swing my pickaxe in the chains connecting me to my inmates and before they realise what has happened I've swung my pick into the stomach of the closest overseer. A guard runs at me but gets a pick in the back as the other slaves join my fight. I manage to stab a few more of them before I feel a sword piece the flesh in between my shoulder blades and i sink to my knees in satisfaction as I am finally released from this hellhole, and I took some of the demons with me.


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